Compressed Air Filter: Surface Filtering

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September 15, 2022

Learn About Surface Filtering

In our first topic on compressed air filtered, we discuss surface filtering. We talk about what a surface filter is and what it does. Find out how surface filtering could help your production.

As your partners in compressed air, we offer this guide to help you understand compressed air better and how you can maximise your performance.  

A service filter acts as a sieve. Particulates that are larger than the holes in the filter element stick to the surface while smaller particles pass through. By adjusting the filter material's orifice, the filter's ability to separate particles down to a certain size can be determined.

When the filter's orifice is clogged, the pressure drops and the filter element must be cleaned or replaced. The material in a surface filter may be cellulose fibers, polyethylene or sintered metal.

Surface filtration separates particles graphic

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