Screw Compressors: Application Areas

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December 11, 2020

The Suitability of Screw Air Compressors

Did you read about screw air compressors and now want to know where screw compressors are applied? You came to the right place! 

In the following guide, we discuss the application areas of a screw air compressor and where they are suitable. Keep reading to also find out which of the screw compressors currently dominate the industry as they are the most common amongst compressed air productions.

The screw compressor is suitable for both intermittent and continous operation. Operating budget is optimal during continous operation ar high load levels (up to 100%). With modern technology; e.g. speed control, the screw compressor's energy consumption for low or varying air requirements can be reduced significantly compared to previous methods.

Liquid-injected (oil-injected) screw compressors in one-tage models currently dominate the industry, where operational pressures up to 1300 kPa and a capacity of up to approximately 30 m³/min are required.

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