Proportioning the Compressed Air Dryer

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December 11, 2020

Selecting the Right Capacity for your Compressed Air Dryer

So you have read our guide on the adsorption dryer and the refrigeration dryer and ready for the next step? That would be selecting the right capacity for the compressed air dryer, and of course we are here to help you make that process easier.

It is important to ensure that you are running a compressed air dryer with the right capacity to keep your compressed air system running smoothly and efficiently.

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To select the right capacity of the compressed air dryer, the following factors must be considered: 

  • What is the temperature and pressure of the compressed air before drying? 
  • How high is the flow rate through the dryer? 
  • What dew point is required after the drying process? 
  • What temperature is the ambient air?

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