About Atmospheric Pressure

December 11, 2020

Learn About Atmospheric Pressure

Learning more about atmospheric pressure can help when learning about compressed air! Get the basics right and you will become a compressed air expert in no time.

As a total business solution, we want to ensure you know all about the basics of compressed air. Knowing all the basics can really help to ensure you are running a efficient and reliable production.

On the earth's surface the air has a weight of approx. 1.2 kg/m³. This means that the earth's surface, and any objects upon it, are subjected to a pressure that we call air pressure or atmospheric pressure. 

This pressure corresponds to the weight of an air column with a base of 1 cm² and a height of 1000 km; i.e. from the earth's surface to the atmosphere's upper limit.

The air pressure decreases with increasing altitude; it is halved approximately every 5 km upwards, and we say that "the air gets thinner."

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