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Sustainability at Alup

At ALUP Compressors, our commitment to sustainability guides every decision we make.

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Committed to Sustainability

At ALUP Compressors, our commitment to sustainability guides every decision we make. Our goal is to build a better future by enhancing the energy efficiency of compressed air production. Established in 1923, we support sustainable growth and environmentally friendly production by improving compressed air efficiency for industrial companies worldwide.

Sustainability at Alup

We have an integrated approach to sustainability. This means that we make sustainability a part of everything we do by focusing on our products and services, people, safety and well-being, ethics, and the environment. These five areas are critical to our long-term success while ensuring sustainable growth.

We have been a competent partner to our customers for energy-efficient compressed air solutions including air compressors, air treatment and service solutions for 100 years. Our ambition is to be first in choice for our customers. To reach this goal, we continuously invest in our product development to make sure that we deliver high performance, top quality, and energy efficiency.

Our products are designed with a focus on the total cost of ownership as we look for ways to minimize our impact on the environment. The innovations we develop and the products we build reduce energy use and CO2 footprint of our customers, and help protect the environment that we all share.

With sustainability as a key priority, we deliver value for all of our stakeholders in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally responsible. We measure our success by the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. With our focus on people and our culture, we aim to create a culture of collaboration and inclusion. We look after the safety and well-being of each other. And we abide by the highest ethical standards.

This is how we do our part in making sustainability a part of everything we do.

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