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Compressed air dryer

Air dryer or air compressor dryer is an important part of compressed air installations. Here at Alup, we have close to one hundred years experience in developing air compressor products. But no compressed air installation is complete without an air dryer to managed the condensate in the compressor system. Our UK sales team is ready to support you with all your compressed air dryer needs.

With a UK wide presence of sales and service support of air compressor solutions, including some of the most advanced screw compressor and refrigerant air dryer options on the market. Our sales team and our dedicated local distributors can help you select the right air dryer for your compressor installation.

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  • Air dryer – why it matters

    An air dryer for your air compressor installation is very important as moisture and condensate in the compressed air system can damage your installation. Our UK based sales team has great experience in sales of air compressor and air dryer products. Give our team a call on +44 1925 817 803 today to discuss the right air dryer for your air compressor setup.

    Compressed air dryer calculator

    Sometime it would be good with a compressed air dryer calculator to establish what dryer you need. However, the best option is to contact our UK sales team or one of our authorised air compressor distributors, as there are so many factors to consider when selecting an air dryer. 

    Compressed air dryer sizing

    Need help with compressed air dryer sizing? The size of the correct compressed air dryer is based on the size of your installations, it is also external factors such as humidity. To get the compressed air dryer sizing right, you are better to speak with a compressed air expert, our UK based sales team are experts in screw air compressor and compressed air products, including air dryers. Our experienced team and distributors can help you get the compressed air dryer sizing just right to suit your business. 


    Serie adsorptiondrygers AD160 400 700

    On the market, there are many compressed air dryer manufacturers to choose from. However, not all have extensive experience in making some of the most advance air compressors like Alup. With our large range of screw compressor options, including our super-efficient Evoluto variable screw compressor. We are extending this development experience in air compressors to compressed air dryers and air treatment products such as compressed air filtration. So with this in mind Alup is a natural choice when selecting from a list of compressed air dryer manufacturers available in the UK.

    In our lineup of products, there are many compressed air dryer types to choose from. We have the standards refrigerant dryer, the ADQ. The ADQ refrigerant air dryer is the perfect option when you need to remove the condensate in your compressed air, perhaps you are operating with a fixed speed screw air compressor. If you have a fluctuating demand using our super-efficient Evoluto, or our variable speed drive Allegro, or another brand VSD compressor we have just the compressed air dryer, the AVSD, one of the first variable speed compressed air dryers. The AVSD is following the output of your variable speed compressors, resulting in big energy savings and a stable 4 degree PDP. The most advanced of all compressed air dryer types is our adsorption air dryer option. Our AD series of adsorption air dryers provide -40 to -70 PDP dew point.

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    Buy your next compressed air dryer today!

    Need a new air dryer for your compressed air installation? Buy your next dryer today by contacting us on +44 1925 817 803 or by completing a form here on the website. Our local air compressor experts are ready to support you with your air compressor dryer needs and they can help you as well with all your needs for screw air compressor, piston compressor or oil-free compressor solutions to suit your business.