Air Compressor Installation Tips

January 25, 2021

Installing Your Reliable Air Compressor

So, you've just bought an efficient and reliable ALUP air compressor? Welcome to the world of compressed air. As your partners in compressed air, we will continue to assist you along your journey. We have provided air compressor installation tips to ensure you get the most out of your air compressor. We hope to continue to assist as you build your compressed air system and any compressor maintenance you will need along the way.

10 Tips for Air Compressor Installation

You just bought an ALUP compressor? Congratulations on a smart investment! 

Superior efficiency and reliability are built-in but do require proper installation. These 10 tips will help your ALUP compressor run smoothly and optimally - without costly downtime.

  1. Ensure that the compressor is installed horizontally on a flat, solid floor
  2. Keep enough space around the unit to allow for proper airflow and easy maintenance.
  3. Remove the red transport spacers once the compressor is operational.
  4. Make sure the main switch allows for a lockout/tag out protocol and use the proper fuses.
  5. Install cable glands to protect electrical wires and prevent dust penetration.
  6. Perform a rotation direction check after installation and every time the unit is reconnected. This is different for fixed-speed and VSD compressors, so make sure you read the installation instructions.
  7. Ensure that each compressor has its own pressurized drain system to prevent back pressure, drain blockage, and reduced filter lifetime.
  8. Keep the compressor room well-ventilated to guarantee the optimal performance of your compressor.
  9. Do not connect waste drains. This prevents drain blockages and extends filter lifetimes.
  10. Make sure the compressor room has the proper equipment to lift heavy parts.
By following these tips - along with the other installation instructions - you guarantee that your new ALUP compressor will always deliver top-quality air with maximum uptime and alow total cost of ownership.
Note: this is general advice, always enlist a compressed air expert to ensure you comply with local regulations

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