Quality Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

We have a range of quality air solutions to ensure your compressed air system in high quality and prevents corrosion or leakages

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The Compressed Air Quality You Need

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A dry and clean compressed air treatment system will ensure your air distribution system is kept in optimal shape. Quality compressed air treatment solutions ensure high air quality and prevents corrosion, leakages, pollution and rust. We have a range of compressed air treatment supplies for every solution. Our air treatment solutions are high quality and will help ensure your production continues to run. We offer complete solutions to your business from air compressors to air treatment solutions and air compressor service.

Our compressed air treatment solutions assist in ensuring your compressed air supply continues to run at high quality with low energy costs.

The compressed air treatment solutions available include line filters, compressed air dryers (refrigerant dryers and adsorption dryers), oil-water separators, condensate drains and air receivers.

Find out here about the different air treatment solutions and how each product can be the perfect companion to your compressed air system.

Range of Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

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Stable 3 degree dewpoint

The new AVSD from ALUP is an innovative dryer that offers unprecedented energy savings of up to 60%, increases production quality and reliability, reduces your carbon footprint, and fits in tight spaces. 
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Our air receivers help prevent pulsation of compressed air, stabilize pressure fluctuations in the distribution system, protect the compressor from frequent starts, cool down compressed air which leads to condensate separation.

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LD 200, LD 202 and LD 203 automatic condensate drains.
Condensate drains help reduce the wear of distribution network and attached compressed air equipment. Specially designed drain technology enables controlled drainage of condensate without any compressed air leak. 

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The result is the lowest possible total cost of ownership. 
Our filter series features next-generation engineering to safeguard your air-powered equipment with maximum efficiency, reliability, and ease of use.

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Adsorption dryers reaching dew point levels from -40 up to -70°C are used for removing all humidity contained in compressed air.

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For removal of contaminants in compressed air condensate. Using an oil-water separator, such as our OWS range, it is possible to separate and remove this contamination leaving water that can be discharged straight into the sewerage.

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Refrigerant Dryers protect compressed air distribution from corrosion and resulting leakage. It, therefore, prolongs the lifespan of compressed air and pneumatic tools.

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