AVSD Air Dryer - Customer Benefits

Uncompromising Quality: The New AVSD Dryer From ALUP

Topview of AVSD air dryer

Refrigerant dryers are highly valuable additions to compressed air networks. They remove the moisture from compressed air and thereby protect downstream equipment from corrosion, and your final products from contamination. This leads to savings over time because dryers reduce the need for maintenance and extend the service life of pneumatic tools.

Unfortunately, not all refrigerant dryers give you reliable performance and air quality. In addition, traditional fixed-speed refrigerant dryers are terribly inefficient. They have a single speed – full power – regardless of how much output is required. This consumes a lot of unnecessary energy and leaves a large carbon footprint.

Enter the AVSD, the first ALUP dryer with variable speed drive technology. It gives you unrivaled energy savings, increases production quality and reliability, is environmentally friendly, has a low cost of ownership and features a compact design.

A New Gold Standard

The AVSD uses variable speed drive (VSD) technology to match its compressor motor speed to the air demand. Instead of going full power as soon as it is turned on, the AVSD only consumes as much energy as is needed at any given time. As a result, it delivers energy savings of up to 60% without ever compromising on quality.

And, because the cost of the energy it consumes makes up a big share of the total cost of ownership of a refrigerant dryer, the AVSD quickly pays for itself with a return on investment in as little as 1.5 years. 

Superior Production Quality and Reliability

Just as importantly, the new variable speed drive compressed air dryer does not compromise the quality of the air it delivers. The AVSD consistently supplies Class 4 purity air – even in temperatures of up to 46°C. In addition, because the AVSD never runs below 20%, that dew point – and therefore also top-quality air output – is available right from the start. And that further increases production quality and reliability.

This consistent air purity is a major improvement compared to thermal mass refrigerant dryers. Thermal mass dryers were introduced to bring more efficiency to refrigerant dryers. They only run at full speed part of the time – specifically to cool a thermal mass. Then they shut off and the cool thermal mass helps dry the compressed air. However, as that mass warms again, the dew point rises and air quality may fluctuate by up to two purity classes. 

Helping Companies Go Green

But the new dryer does not just save costs and improve production processes – it also benefits the environment. The AVSD’s energy efficiency results in a significantly better TEWI-score (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) and a smaller carbon footprint than that of its competitors.

That allows companies to better meet their climate goals and contribute to a more greener society.

So where is the downside? There isn’t one. ALUP even managed to pack all of this innovative technology into a compact frame that takes up less space than other dryers.