Rozhovor s ALUP partnerem

Here is a distributor interview for you from our UK distributor Premier Compressors



Tell our readers about your company, employees? Location?

Premier Compressors are located in the borough of Kettering and all employees reside in the local area.  Premier employees 8 people of which 4 members concentrate on Service Support.  A full time sales representative, 2 part-time administration assistants and an operations manager complete the team. 

How did you become an ALUP brand distributor? What is the story?

The 2 Directors of the company were ex-employees of another local company marketing and supporting a competition brand. They were looking for a partner to supply a full range of compressors.  After a formal introduction to ALUP all necessary support was offered and this company has now been trading with ALUP for over 12 years.

What does ALUP brand mean to you and your business?

The brand is somewhat inconsequential as it was, is and will always be the support of the entire ALUP Team that drives sales forward.  However, Premier believes that the brand ALUP denotes a quality and reliable product range.

How is it to be an ALUP brand dealer please describe in a few words/sentences?

It is very reassuring that the efficient team provides an excellent service and are extremely approachable in all matters. Due to this, Premier knows all the team members and their functions.

What would you say to a distributor thinking of becoming a partner of ALUP brand?

You can be assured of having a tried and tested product range supported by a competent team in both sales and technical support.

What is the strength of ALUP brand?

Quality, Prices and flexibility within the product range.

Where is today your biggest business potential? OIS over 30kW? Service contracts? Energy Efficiency?

The biggest potential is undoubtedly service contracts.  Businesses are reluctant to spend capital even on energy efficient products due to the economic climate and withdrawal of Interest Free Loans via the Carbon Trust. The main thrust of businesses within the area is to find a high quality service at a reduced cost.  Premier is able to actively compete in this area as an SME due to lower overheads etc.  Premier feels that quality is in no way diluted due to reduced service contract costs.

What expectations do you have for the future?

Premier expects to continue with steady growth for compressor and ancillary sales from their expanding customer (service) base. Premier devotes a considerable amount of time and expense canvassing local businesses for sales and service contracts with the added assistance of the ALUP UK sales team.

What was the most exiting moment so far as an ALUP brand distributor?

The most memorable moment was the ALUP product launch in France a couple of years ago. This conference was very informative, allayed some concerns after the acquisition by the Atlas Copco Group and ultimately was a most enjoyable event.